Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Updates

Just wanted to drop by with a couple goals for the coming year for my Trainz collection...

Just the other day, I announced that the Tampa Terminal is back on track. The focus this time around is the Winter Haven intermodal yard and trackwork. The route has not seen any substantial work for one year, plus where trackwork has been done, is in dire need of work. Lakeland Jct - 10th Street is done, though, and Auburndale, Knights, Vitis (Lumberton to the portal), Kinder-Morgan, and the rest of WH will follow.

Because the trackwork involves a lot of new signalling, I plan to update my signals big-time. They will hopefully seek a new, individualized script. Such a script will also include options to indicate the particular aspect, ie: for a signal like the northbound absolute signal at 46th street in Miami, one can choose diverging movements will be authorized a Medium Advance Approach as the "clear" signal. (I don't know the through signal yet, think it's Approach). New vaders and cantilevers will be designed. This project should go hand in hand with the Miami Sub and FEC main so they get the optimal signals.

Also I'll probably be putting my SLR to use this time, taking texture shots for a new round of models. In dire need: Tri-Rail stations, railroad crossings, speed signs, buildings, signage, etc. for now. I plan to attempt the MIC Central Station at some point (wait, aren't they supposed to open on Friday?)

Tampa Terminal and the South Florida Mega Route will be given pretty even attention throughout the season. Those routes really have potential to provide for fun operations. Needless to say, they represent corridors that are ever changing and will see traffic increases in the future.

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